Cheese Cake

Cheese Cake

It is pretty easy to make this cheese cake.
For it I used the following


2) In a food processor process macadamia nuts. Estimate how much you need for 2 thin layers in the cake for your cake form (I used cheese mold).  Don't process too much not to turn the nuts into a greasy paste.  Just when they start looking like slightly coarse flour and maybe show some shine and just start getting sticky - they are ready.

3) Press macadamia flour into the form for the cake. I used only half of macadamia flour for the bottom layer, the 2d half - for the middle layer.

4) Over the layer of macadamia place half of fermented cream cheese.  Smooth the surface. Put the future cake in the freezer for an hour.

5) Meanwhile put some dates in the food processor and the same amount of raspberries.  Enough to make a thin middle layer.  While processing check if the mixture is sweet enough.  If not - add more dates.

6) When the lower part of the cake is frozen spread over it the second half of the macadamia flour: smooth and press it evenly.  On top of that place raspberry/dates mixture.  Put the cake back in the freezer again.

7) When it is frozen put the second part of fermented cream cheese over raspberry layer.  Place the cake in the freezer.

8) Meanwhile prepare chocolate for frosting.  Melt cacao butter and mix it with cacao powder. About equal amounts.  For sweetener I used date paste, which can be prepared in a blender by adding a little bit of water to dates and processing on high speed.  Some people use agave syrup.  It makes chocolate more sweet and smooth than with dates as sweetener (but dates are whole foods - more healthy, so here I make a little sacrifice to the taste)  Again, with agave syrup it is sweeter and smoother.

9) When the cake is frozen, take it out and place near the melted sweet chocolate mixture on parchment paper.  Start pouring chocolate over the cake trying to spread it evenly with a spatula.  Continue till the whole cake is covered.  I usually start with the bottom. Chocolate will harden very fast on the frozen cake.
When the cake is completely covered it will hold its shape in chocolate cover.

10) I decorated it with cacao nibs and with fresh raspberries.

11) After that the cake can go to refrigerator.  It will be ready to be served after a few hours when it is completely unfrozen.