Cheese Culture

All dairy free probiotics

  •  Probiotics.  You can buy vegan ones, they usually say: dairy free, non-dairy, milk-free.  They all are grown not on dairy milk culture. All of them will  ferment the nut paste
  •  Some use redjuvellac (fermented liquid from soaking wheat berries).
  •  I find soy yogurt to be a good sourse for fermentation of cashew or almond nut paste.


  1. Hi,
    Im planning to make nut cheese using probiotic. Do you have a recipe or the amount of probiotic that is used in nut cheese making?


  2. Hi Susan,

    Here is the recipe
    the amount of probiotic I use is about 1-2 capsules (you have to open them) for a cup of soaked cashew nuts.
    I use these probiotics
    most recently the one, which is the closest on the photo.

  3. I meant on the photo at the top: PB 8 probiotic

  4. Hello,

    Do you know if PB 8 Original and Vegetarian are totally the same, besides the capsules that are gelatin free in the second one?

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  6. Can you tell me the amount of nuts for the cheese, please.

    1. Hi Josie,

      it depends how much cheese you want to get. I would soak a cup of cashew nuts and it will become about a cup and a half of soaked nuts and then after blending for that amount of nuts originally I would use about 2-3 capsules of probiotic. May be better to start with 2 capsules. Then you will see how potent is the probiotic. Roughly a cup of nuts would become about 1.5 cups of soft cheese.

  7. I made some cashew cheese and have left it to ferment for about three days now. I'm not seeing the fermentation bubbles as prevalent as I think I should? It smells really strong and I tasted a little and it's very sour. Is this normal? I left it out but it's not really warm in my house...maybe I should start over?

  8. I usually get some bubbles, but my guess bubbles are not the main thing (bad bacteria can also give bubbles). For me the criteria is the clean sour (without any bitterness) taste and clean pleasant aroma (which can be also strong). If you think that it is too sour you can add a little bit of salt, trying it every time till you like the taste.

  9. I made some cashew cheese and have left it to ferment for about three days now. IdealShape coupon

  10. Hi
    I wanted to understand that either soy yogurt or probiotics can be used as culture, right? Also if using probiotics what will be the quantity?

  11. Hi, yes, both: soy (cashew, almond) yogurt and probiotics can be used for fermenting blended cashew mass to make cheese.