Molds for shaping cheese

Cheese Molds

  • Cheese mold can be ordered from 

Better the smaller ones like on the photo. The smallest is 3 1/4", medium size 3 1/2". They work the best. 

Large size like the biggest on the photo is 5". It can be also used, but the larger the size of the mold - the longer it takes for the cheese to be able to hold its shape.

  • rings for cakes can be used as a mold. The metal ones on photo are rings for making cakes.

  • simple plastic basket for berries like the ones from farmers market can serve as a mold too. Cheese will have a rectangular shape.

Mold has to be lined with CHEESE CLOTH.  Cheese needs to be wrapped in it. 
Cheese cloth Beyond Gourmet, like this is actually not very good.  It is very thin and has very big uneven gaps between the threads and you have to fold it in several layers, in addition it is not really reusable after washing.  Better to find a regular cheese cloth or this one (from Bed&Bath) seems to be not bad.  Cheese cloth has to be folded in two layers.  The size of each layer around 10"x10".

On top of the cheese in the mold can be placed a container with water (like a jar) to serve as a WEIGHT to help squeeze moisture (cashew whey) from the cheese.